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Free RATs, booster mandate for Vic schools
Twice weekly rapid testing and mandatory COVID-19 vaccine booster doses will form part of Victoria's strategy to avoid a return to remote learning. The Victorian government has unveiled its back-to-school plan ahead of students returning to classrooms...

Australian travellers may be locked out of Europe as Omicron surges
Australians hoping to book a holiday in Europe may be locked out, after the European Council advised member states to block visitors from Australia, which it singled out as a “COVID danger zone” due to surging Omicron case numbers.

Twice-weekly rapid tests for Victorian students as government unveils back-to-school plan
Victorian primary and secondary school students and staff will be asked to complete a rapid test twice a week before school for the first four weeks of the 2022 school year. Premier Daniel Andrews said on Sunday morning that it was “very important”...

Here's what you need to know about Victoria and NSW's return-to-school plans
Free rapid antigen tests for high school students are part of NSW's new plan for students and staff to return to school, while booster vaccines will be mandatory for teachers in Victoria. The NSW government has released a new back-to-school plan as...

Mangrove Board Walk - Lota

Mangrove Boardwalk- Lota
Whites Road at Lota
Adjoins Bill Lamond Park.

UBD REF# 163 N-12 Map


Lota Mangrove Boardwalk

Lota Mangrove Boardwalk
The mangroves provide the basis of marine food chains and a protective nursery for fish and prawns. Every summer, wading birds migrate to Moreton Bay from as far away as Siberia and Mongolia. At low tides these Wading birds can be observed from the boardwalk. The boardwalk is located on the shores of the Bay near the mouth of Lota Creek (Lota). Rich silts and shelter from wave action provided by the Moreton Bay Islands create ideal growing conditions for mangroves.

The mangroves grow in many intertidal areas on the fringes of Moreton Bay. These extraordinary plants help stabilise the coastline and create a unique environment. These provide the basis of a marine food chain and a protective nursery for fish and prawns. Mangrove environments are not only fascinating places to visit; their value as marine habitat has been recognised by the State Government under Fisheries legislation.

*The Board Walk is also a great short cut to Thornside and now has a walking trail on the Thornside side of the bridge.

Every summer, thousands of migratory Wading birds make their way to Moreton Bay from as far away as Siberia and Mongolia. These birds such as the Ruddy Turnstone and the Mongolian Dotterel, feed on the tidal foreshores near the mangrove forests. Other waders such as Spoonbills, Ibis and Sandpipers can be seen all year round. If you plan your trip to coincide with the mid to low tides, you can observe these waders from the comfort of the boardwalk. An early morning visit will reward you with the stirring of birdlife within the mangrove forest's canopy.

Lota Board Walk through the Mangroves

Mangrove Boardwalk

Lota Mangroves

Mangrove Walk

Lota Mangrove Boardwalk