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 Lapidary: Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club Gem Show

EventsLyn WoodsThe Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club's 41st Annual Gem Show was held on Saturday 6th September at the Hemmant Community Hall in sunshine and with some added wind! Some 20 tailgaters were in attendance with their displays of rough rocks, fossils, opals, precious stones with special jewellery boxes to display them in.

Up in the hall the traders were kept busy with a steady stream of interested shoppers. The "Soft Rock Cafe" was a hive activity throughout the day supplying refreshments to the workers and shoppers.

The stone held by Lyn Woods (pictured left) is a Moonstone which was faceted on the day by Ron Rivers from the Australian Facetors Guild. Ron visit's the W.B.L.C. Gem Show each year, demonstrating the art of faceting to everyone who is interested. Those lucky facetors get to take the stone home with them and have many lasting memories as they often have them set in a ring or pendant. Pictured below is Eamonn holding a rock from outer space, the rock is a part of a meteorite that crashed to earth.
Hope to see you there next year.

Eamonn with Space Rock
Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club Annual Gem Show

Posted by webmaster on Wednesday, 10 September 2008 @ 16:45:53
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 Lapidary: 40 Years On

EventsThe Waterloo Bay Lapidary club’s annual showcase of polished gems and jewels reached a major milestone last week as on Saturday 1st September they celebrated their 40th Annual Gem Show. Held once more at the Hemmant Community Hall the dazzling display drew crowds of viewers all with one thing in common, a deep delight and awe in the wonders and beauty that nature has to offer.

The event ran from 9am to 3pm and featured a wide selection of jewellery and precious stones, cut, polished and faceted into all shapes and sizes. Skilled master met with enthusiastic apprentice as detailed works were examined and admired. Ancient fossils were also on show and people were able to marvel at these fascinating remnants of time long passed.
Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club - Gem Show 2007

“It was a great day,” in the words of Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club president, Jock Southcott, “luckily we had plenty of sunshine and it drew a nice crowd.”
Jock Southcott has been president of the Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club for a few years now and discovered his passion for the art form through his oldest son.
“I began making a faceting machine as a project for my oldest son and I just decided to keep going with it” he said. “It’s a wonderful skill to have.”

The Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club holds regular workshops that are open to all members of the public.
Classes are held:-
Monday: 7pm- 9:30pm Lapidary faceting and silverwork
Tuesday: 9:30am- 2:00pm Faceting and Silverwork
Wednesday: 9:30am- 12:30pm Lapidary and Faceting

For more information please call:
CONTACTS Evening only please Terry 07 3395 8081 Bev 07 3207 3650
Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club - Gem Show 2007

- story by nadia

Posted by webmaster on Friday, 14 September 2007 @ 12:51:43
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 Lapidary: From Rocks in a Hard Place to Gems in the Hand

EventsLapidary Wynnum ManlyThursday 28th June 2007 marked the fourth Thursday of the month it also marked the monthly meeting of the PROBUS Club of Waterloo Bay. PROBUS is an amalgam of the words professional and business and is an association of retired and semi-retired people who join together in clubs, the basic purpose of which is to provide regular opportunities for them to keep their minds active, expand their interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.
Every second meeting a member of the PROBUS Club is given the opportunity to speak about their individual clubs and practices. Last week Lyn Woods of the Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club stepped up to the microphone to explain the fascinating transition ‘From Rocks in a Hard Place to Gems in the Hand’.

Lapidary is the art of cutting and polishing gemstones and in fascinating detail Lyn described how to locate and recognize such hidden gems as agate, Chrysoprase, Quartz Crystals and amethyst.
“In their rough form, many of these stones can be easily overlooked” she warned.
Lyn also explained the processes of cutting, polishing, faceting and tumbling used to transform such stones to treasures. Polishing is the hardest part of the process and can take a day’s work or more whereas cutting can take as little as ten minutes. The finished gems are most commonly used in jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, pendants and brooches but can also be set in cuff links, tie bars, souvenir items, paperweights or desk ornaments to name a few.
Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club - Wynnum Manly
Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club - Wynnum Manly

When Lyn Woods first joined the Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club four years ago she knew nothing about the cutting & polishing of cabochons or anything to do with silver-smithing, she did however, know about faceting.
Her interest in the art of Lapidary was sparked during a holiday at the Lizard Island Research Station in Far North Queensland where she witnessed a friend in action on his faceting machine.
“I took one look at what he was doing and then told Lloyd, my husband, this is what I want to do with all those stones that we have inherited,” she said.

As soon as she arrived back home, Lyn joined her local Lapidary Club and began what has been a fascinating and rewarding journey.
“I would like to point out that I am not a geologist and I do not like digging getting dirty, wet and muddy and still not finding what I am looking for,” joked Lyn, “I leave the fossiking for others that enjoy the hunt for gems and when they have enough and want to sell them that is when I step in.”
Lyn, who specializes in faceting, possesses her own faceting machine and creates most of her treasures from home.
“The patterns and designs are endless for a facetor,” she said.

The Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club will be celebrating their 40th Birthday later this Year with their annual Gem Show taking place on the 1st September at the Hemmant Community Hall, 31 Hemmant- Tingalpa Road from 9am to 3pm. A range of dazzling jewels, stones and silverwork will be on display with many of the treasures for sale.
A small display will also be up in the Wynnum library this month for all interested viewers.
For more information on the Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club please visit their website at www.lapidary.net.au or phone Terry on (07) 3395 8081

For more information on PROBUS please visit their website at www.probus.com.au
Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club - Wynnum Manly Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club - Wynnum Manly

- story by nadia

Posted by webmaster on Wednesday, 04 July 2007 @ 13:15:00
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 Lapidary: Spreading a Love of Lapidary

EventsnameThe Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club held their annual Gem Show September 2, introducing a large crowd of people to the fascinating art form. This year’s show was the first to be held in the clubs home base, the Hemmant Community Hall and all involved agreed it was a great success.

Club members from all over the region clustered together to share their love of lapidary with the public and to mingle with like-minded admirers of the trade. The range of polished, faceted jewelry and stones available was as always, an impressive sight to be seen.

Tailgaters, Graeme and wife, Leslie regularly visit gem shows throughout the year, adding their own works and personal collection to the displays. The guaranteed good vibes and genuine, friendly people ensure that they enjoy each and every time.

“The shows have everything including handicraft, home cooking and all and you always meet really nice people with fascinating stories to tell. It makes a great weekend out” said Leslie.
Graeme in particular loves hearing the tales of the older generation.
“It’s marvelous to hear about where they’ve been and what they’ve found and everyone has a different story.”

For Graeme and Leslie their interest in lapidary started off as a hobby, now they come all the time, with Graeme cutting, faceting and polishing his own stones as well as designing the jewelry with which to incase his precious gems.
“Gem Shows are great because everything available is always of great value, you’ll find that jewelry is heaps cheaper then in regular store outlets and best of all everything is unique. You’re not going to go down the street and find someone wearing the exact same piece of jewelry.” The display of professional skill is also profound “I really appreciate the talent around” said Leslie.

Graeme, Leslie and our reporter Nadia
Graeme, Leslie and our reporter Nadia
A much younger generation of people were also discovering the delights of lapidary. Sam, who celebrated her 9th birthday last week, was given the opportunity to try her hand at faceting. She was one of many young children throughout the day who were able to take home their own little masterpiece of faceted coloured glass. This activity, run by Ron Rivers of the Faceters Guild was derived as a free and fun way to build appreciation for faceting among the young.

Regular workshop sessions are held at the Hemmant Hall and are open to all. For more information click here, or phone 3393 4981.
Ron Rivers showing Sam how to Facet
Ron Rivers showing Sam how to Facet

- story by nadia

Posted by webmaster on Monday, 18 September 2006 @ 09:29:37
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 Lapidary: A Local Treasure Trove

EventsThe Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club has been transforming stones to jewels since August 1965. Over the years the club has recruited many eager members of the community, at one stage reaching an all time high of over eighty members. In 1967, with impressive numbers and surmounting skill, the club decided it was time to hold its first annual gem show which proved a huge success.
Years later the Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club is still going strong with this September marking the 39th Annual Show to be held 2nd September 2006 in the Hemmant Community Hall, 31 Hemmant- Tingalpa Road.

From 9am- 3pm the public are invited to come along and examine in wonder the intricate works of our local club members. Everything from cut, polished and faceted gems, to fossils, silverwork and jewelry will be on display with many opportunities to purchase your own charms to take home from a wide selection of treasures. Members of the club will be running the stalls and displays, offering a great opportunity to learn more about the work and skill put into each individual stone.

Most recently members of the Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club have had their work on display as part of ‘The Music Ship,’ an event intricately linked to this years Brisbane Festival. The stall generated a lot of interest particularly amongst the younger generation.
A raffle will taking place on the day of the Gem Show with many tempting prizes to be won.
Lapidary 1st Prize
1st Prize
Lapidary Gem Show 2nd Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize Gem Show raffle
3rd Prize

1st Prize is a 9 caret Gold Bracelet valued at $350.00

2nd prize is a hand cut Green Sapphire, set in 925 silver ring worth $120.00 and

3rd prize is a hand cut Lime Green Cubic Zirconia Pendant with a silver
chain valued at $95.00
Tickets will be on sale at the entrance to the Gem Show on & throughout the day at only $1.00 each and the winners will be drawn at 2.30 pm 2nd September. Should anyone wish to purchase tickets before the day or are unable to attend the show they can be purchased at the Club during Club Hours available HERE. The lucky winners will be notified by telephone or mail.

For further information involving the show, or for workshop and membership details please call Terry on 07 3395 8081 or Bev, 07 3207 3650. This unique skill is fascinating so make sure you check it out and help keep such a valuable piece of craft work in the district.
- story by nadia

Posted by webmaster on Wednesday, 16 August 2006 @ 12:32:55
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 Lapidary: Waterloo Lapidary Club - Gems, Fossils and More

EventsWaterloo Bay Lapidary ClubThe Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club set up a display in rather wet weather at the Colmslie Beach Reserve on Saturday the 22nd July. The Brisbane Festival 2006 had the "Music Ship" go aground so we were entertained by the musicians for the remainder of the day. A 'Fire Breathing Dragon' was nearby and it seemed to fit in with our display of Fossils.

There was a lot of interest in how the stones were cut and polished by the younger visitors to the stall. Our display consisted of beautifully polished cabochons, some with silver or gold surrounds, silverwork - necklace and bracelet combinations - silver and gold rings - faceted gems - beaded necklaces & bracelets

The Moreton Bay College girls were also studying "Fools Gold" so much interest was shown in the Pyrites Box. Don't forget our Gem Show which is coming up on the 2nd September 9am to 3pm at the Hemmant Community Hall, 31 Hemmant - Tingalpa Rd Hemmant. Click Here for more club details.

Cut and Polish Fossils
Setting up at Colmslie

Posted by webmaster on Sunday, 06 August 2006 @ 11:49:38
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 Lapidary: Wynnum Manly Community Well Represented

EventsThe Brisbane Festival is a biannual, multi-arts festival that offers a wide variety of dance, theatre, music, opera, multimedia, and free community events for all of Brisbane to enjoy. This year residents of Wynnum Manly are getting closer to the action by taking a part in this seventeen day event that runs from 14th – 30th July.

On Saturday 22nd July our local Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club will be holding a stand at "The Music Ship" one of the fascinating and integral events that is part of this years Brisbane Festival.
‘The Music Ship’ promises a great afternoon of fun, food, funky music, and a kid’s circus zone perfect for all the family to enjoy! Held at Colmslie Beach Reserve, Colmslie Rd. Murrarie, ‘The Music Ship’ is a free event beginning 12 noon and continuing on to 4pm.
The Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club stand will be displaying and selling the glittering treasures and intricate works of members. They also hope to further promote their club and advertise their upcoming Gem Show to be held on the 2nd September 06.

Another Wynnum Manly representative, Megan Washington will also be taking part in this year’s Brisbane Festival. The local singer who recently appeared at the Wilson Boathouse Seafood and Jazz Festival and has performed on stage with music great, James Morrison, will be performing in the Courier-Mail Spiegel tent at King George Square. Winner of the James Morrison Generations in Jazz Vocal Scholarship 2004 and currently studying at the QLD Conservatorium of Music, her individuality, style and talent is bound to make us proud. Another free event, the performance begins at 9:30pm and runs until late.

For further information on the events of the Brisbane Festival visit www.brisbanefestival.com.au

Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club

- story by nadia

Posted by webmaster on Thursday, 13 July 2006 @ 17:57:25
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