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 Local Business: Meet the Author at TLC Book - Manly

Manly Harbour VillageDustCome along and meet Christine Bongers as she introduces her new book Dust. Reservations are essential, please contact the shop by phone or email for further information. Tickets are $10.00pp and include a glass of wine or coffee & nibbles.

Twelve-year-old Cecilia Maria was named after saints and martyrs to give her something to live up to. Over my dead body, she vows. In the blinding heat of 1970s Queensland, she battles six brothers on her side of the fence, and the despised Kapernicky girls, lurking on the other side of the barbed wire. Secrets are buried deep, only to surface decades later when Cecilia drags her own reluctant teenagers back home to dance on a grave and track down some ghosts. Warm but tough-minded, DUST glitters with a rare and subtle wit, illuminating the shadows that hang over from childhood and finding beauty in unexpected places.

A fantastic book for all readers, not just young adults. Christine Bongers is a Brisbane author writing for young adults and grown-ups. Born and bred in Biloela, Central Queensland, she moved to Brisbane to attend university where she completed a degree in Journalism.

Posted by webmaster on Wednesday, 17 June 2009 @ 17:19:18
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 Local Business: Finding More time for Life

Business NewsLife shouldn’t be all work and no play but all too often the list of chores can become like those packets of Tim Tams you see on TV… never ending.
While some seem blessed with the ability to blissfully breeze through tasks, others are easily swamped with deadlines and ’to-do’ lists. Most people however need a little help from time to time.

Julie Zullo of Lota was born ‘naturally organized’ add to that 20 years experience as a Personal Assistant (PA) and you have the perfect candidate to help set your life in order. The sole manager of local business Your Personal Organiser, Julie utilizes years of experience and natural flair to help those who have become a little tangled in the web of work and priorities, freeing them up to enjoy life’s more pleasurable pastimes.

“These days everybody is trying to achieve that happy balance between work and leisure and a lot of people are not succeeding,” said Julie, “I’m offering that balance, that’s why I think my job’s important. We all deserve spare time unfortunately people are just working so hard these days that they miss out on some of the best parts of life.”
Julie Zullo - Your Personal Organiser

Click Read More for rest of story!
- story by nadia

Posted by webmaster on Monday, 20 August 2007 @ 22:23:43
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 Local Business: The Last Page Turned on Potter Mystery

EventsHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows The fate of Harry Potter, beloved hero of J.K Rowling’s seven-book series, was finally disclosed to hungry fans last Saturday 21st July, in the form of a 607 paged, hard cover book. Those who pre-ordered from local bookstore TLC Books were among the first to receive their copies on Saturday, as at precisely 9am, a bright red, double-decker bus pulled into Dreveson Park; its front heralding a sign ‘The Knight Bus’, its cargo consisting of boxes filled with copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The Knight Bus, instantly recognized by those gathered at the event, is a feature of Harry Potter’s world. Best Costume winner, Tara was the first to clamber aboard with the honour of opening the first box of books. 21 year old Tara and her friends, Jolene and Tammy had travelled from as far as Forest Lake, Mackay and Holland Park to take part in the event.

“We looked up all the bookstores in our areas and no where else was doing anything to celebrate the release,” said Jolene, “we couldn’t believe it.”

The girls were dressed as Hogwarts students, wearing elaborately realistic costumes constructed by Tara who began making her costume five years ago when the books first came out. Their scarves took around 3 to 4 months each to knit, but she didn’t stop there; Tara also sewed the shirt, jumpers and skirts the girls wore.

“I enjoy sewing costumes,” said Tara, who completed a Certificate 4 in Clothing Production at Moreton TAFE. “I sew some of my own clothes as well. My mum sews, so I’ve been sewing since I was little.”

Also at the event was John, who is currently on a 12 month working visa after sailing to Australia a month ago from England. John sat atop the Knight Bus reading, already 150 pages deep into Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows just an hour after its release.
John is a huge fan of fantasy fiction and sci-fi and has read all the Harry Potter books more than once with the third book reaching an impressive 30 times.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

“I like how much detail she (Rowling) puts into all her books,” said David, “all the extras and unofficial guides highlight the massive amounts of research that goes into it. For example, if you look up Malfoy (the name of a notorious villain) it means ‘evildoer’. It’s the subtle links like that that are most fascinating.”

David, like most, has heard many weird and wonderful theories on the fate of Rowling’s famous characters including a fascinating, if somewhat misguided theory involving a giant squid that lies beneath the lake emerging to devour He Who Must Not Be Named. David however joins the masses in predicting the death of one of the leading characters, Harry, Ron or Hermione.

“As bad as it might sound, I kind of hope someone dies, to break with the ‘happily ever after’ tradition. Real life isn’t like that, in real life people die,” he said.

By now hundreds of fans have already eagerly read their way through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Many locked themselves away for the weekend, book in hand only to emerge once each chapter had revealed its tantalizing secrets. Others are still walking around in fear that they may unwittingly stumble upon the answers before the last page is read.
For all however who have read, or intend to read the seventh and final installment, Rowling’s book is, as always, full of magic, surprises and gripping twists; readers beware, once you’ve begun, it is impossible to escape this fantasy world until the last page is turned.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

- story by nadia

Posted by webmaster on Sunday, 29 July 2007 @ 13:36:30
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 Local Business: Hats off to the Cat who Revolutionized Reading!

EventsTLC Books - TanyaAt precisely 2:36pm Friday March 2nd, thousands of children and book lovers around the globe were settling down to read once more Dr. Seuss’s fascinatingly famous tale of a rebellious cat in a red and white hat. ‘The Cat in a Hat’ is a story that has captured the hearts of millions of children throughout the Western world.

Written by Ted Geisel AKA Dr Seuss and published in 1957, The Cat in the Hat this year celebrated its 50th birthday. The 2:36 timeslot was chosen as it coincides with the number of words Dr Seuss was given when asked to write what became one of the most famous children’s fiction novels of all time.

“236 is the number of words children from ages 3-5 could be expected to be able to read, understand and utilize in their everyday vocabulary” explained local bookstore owner Tanya Caunce. “The repetition, rhyming and style used is designed to capture the notoriously short attention spans of young children.”

To celebrate the impressive milestone Tanya of TLC Books joined another 100 or so libraries and bookstores throughout Australia in a synchronized reading of The Cat in the Hat. An unusually attentive audience of toddlers and young children sat captivated as the famous adventures of a naughty cat and his impressionable charges unfolded.
For Eve, 4 and her brother Finlay 2, it was the first time they’d heard the story. When asked if they’d enjoyed the book Eve nodded her head shyly.

Cat in the Hat - TLC BooksThe Cat in the Hat revolutionized the way children learned to read making the literary experience fun by enticing children into a wildly imaginative world filled with mischievous characters and playful antics.

“There’s little morals in each one to” said Tanya, “for example, even though the Cat comes in and causes trouble, he picks up his play things in the end. They’re about naughty cats and other silly things, kids love silliness, they respond to it, they can relate to it and there’s enough changes to keep them rapt.”
The children were all given bow ties and whiskers and treated to icing-coated cupcakes after the story.

Tanya is currently planning to hold young children’s reading sessions once a month and on the 1st June will be starting a kid’s book club called ‘Book Rats’.
“We have a group of avid readers from local primary schools who often come in to pore through the books, I began calling them ‘Book Rats’ and I guess the name just stuck. It’s important to encourage reading in young people.”
Another upcoming event shrouded in secrecy will be a celebration of the newest Harry Potter release expected later this year. The event is scheduled to begin 9:00am 21st July but that is the only information as of yet revealed. Keep watching the site for more information closer to the date!

A special 50th anniversary edition of Dr Seuss’s, ‘The Cat in the Hat,’ is available from TLC Books which is located at Shop 3, 7 Day Markets, 50 Cambridge Pde, Manly Harbour Village 4179. For more information on the store please phone Tanya Caunce on 3393 5130.
Cat in the Hat - Dr Seuss

- story by nadia

Posted by webmaster on Tuesday, 06 March 2007 @ 21:54:23
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 Local Business: Living the Life!

Business News“Mens sana in corpore sano” or in plain English, “a sound mind in a sound body” is the sought after goal of local business, Lifestyle Therapies. Focusing on a whole person approach to health, Lifestyle Therapies is all about presenting you with the means to develop a new physical lifestyle and providing you with the knowledge and support to maintain it.

According to Clinic Director Jim Hermans, our medical health system is, for the most part, reactive and spends much of its resources masking or suppressing symptoms of illness and injury. Lifestyle Therapies is all about treating the underlying cause.
“What we try to do here is address the core of a person’s problem through discovering where the symptoms develop from. We investigate the possible triggers and treat the cause of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms with drug therapy” explains Mr. Hermans. “We’re not against drug therapy but too many see it as an easy option, we offer people alternative choices.”

Founder of Lifestyle Therapies, Dianne Hermans, began her career in physiotherapy, working in Manly West since 1994 as sole practitioner and physiotherapist. Realizing there were other areas of help that Physiotherapy by itself couldn’t heal, she decided to incorporate a range of expert specialists into her business, successfully developing the multi-diverse complex that is today, Lifestyle Therapies.
Life Style 100

- story by nadia

Posted by webmaster on Sunday, 25 February 2007 @ 20:36:21
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 Local Business: Discover How To 'DIY'!

Business NewsPatchwork Plus Sewing, once considered strictly the domain of grannies and homemakers, has recently become the hottest new thing. In league with a huge revival of the ‘do it yourself’ culture, sewing embraces the virtues of creativity and independence. A fun and fulfilling pastime, it is no wonder the youth of today are quick to pick up on the trend and nothing gives a person confidence like being able to sew up your own chic and innovative outfit.

Rachael, proud owner of Patchwork Plus in Wynnum, is a keen enthusiast having discovered the delights of sewing and quilting at a young age. Born in New Zealand, Rachael became an Australian citizen in 2001 choosing to make Wynnum her home.
“I love Wynnum,” stated Rachael in a recent interview, “I like to think of it as a quaint little seaside village, and I really feel a part of it. There’s a real local identity, it’s a nice place to be”
Since her move to Australia Rachael has had various jobs including casual work at the airport and managerial positions but never felt at home behind a desk.
“Patchwork Plus had been in the area for about 15 years before I bought it two years ago. My mother and I had taken patchwork classes there before and we’d both loved it,” said Rachael.
She discovered Patchwork Plus snuggled in a corner of Wynnum and instantly fell in love with the quaint little store. “When I saw it up for sale I just new it was the perfect thing for me.”
Two years later Rachael still loves her work. “It’s a wonderful industry to be in and you meet many lovely people. It’s a nice way to pass the time and I love sharing the craft with people, kids especially; you find kids will usually give anything a go.”
Patchwork Plus - Wynnum

Rachael holds regular adults and kids classes that range in anything from Beginner Samplers classes that teach the basics of traditional patchwork piecing, free Cushion Making classes and the ever popular ‘Anything Goes’ classes in which people with a particular project in mind can be skillfully guided through it.

Technical classes or ‘Driving Lessons’ are also available and teach people all they need to know about a sewing machine and its functions. Students are taught such techniques as how to use the feet, blind hemming, pin tucking, twin needlework and more and advance depending on the level of skills a class possesses and how quickly they progress.
As an added bonus anyone who purchases a sewing machine from Patchwork Plus receives unlimited, free one on one ‘Driving Lessons’ to help set themselves up.

Children’s classes are a popular feature of the store with many children starting from a young age on small kid sized sewing machines.
“As adults we put our own limitations on children. The classes give them the skills to build on and the confidence to be able to go away and create something on their own” said Rachael.
Next year Rachael plans to further encourage youth by offering classes for teens in which students will be shown how to make their own bags, belts and funky clothing.

Prices and lengths vary depending on the classes and sessions are usually held in groups. “I try to focus on educating and inspiring people to do the craft,” explained Rachael. “Students often just need confidence in working with the machines rather than simply the skills themselves. Some tasks can seem quite daunting to someone who has never tried it before but in reality it’s quite easy to pick up and very rewarding.”
Rachael is also convinced it’s not just a ‘woman’s thing’. “Unfortunately we don’t get many men through here but the ones we’ve had have been very creative. There are some very good male quilters out there.”

Besides holding classes Patchwork Plus is an excellent place to source for unique and beautiful materials. Retail sales of fabric for patchwork is 100% good quality cotton guaranteed. The store also sells a variety of Janome sewing machines and services all brands.

Patchwork Plus is located in the hub of the Bayside Art & Craft Precinct at Shop 5, 150 Bay Terrace Wynnum at the end of the Lamond Arcade, next to ANZ Bank.
For more information on classes or to receive the monthly e-mailed newsletter please phone Patchwork Plus on 3893 0277. Classes begin soon so hurry and put your name down! Set yourself an exciting new goal for 2007!
Patchwork Plus - Wynnum

- story by Nadia

Posted by webmaster on Tuesday, 09 January 2007 @ 15:11:17
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 Local Business: Alight the Streets in Style!

ChristmasLiaison ToursWith Christmas only days away, what better way to celebrate than with a Liaison Tours spectacular, a tour around the light displays of the Redland, Bayside area? This year hop aboard Queensland’s first ever open top Double Decker bus and marvel at the stunning lights and dazzling decorations from a novel height.
Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

- story by nadia

Posted by webmaster on Monday, 18 December 2006 @ 22:30:37
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 Local Business: A Hidden Menagerie

Business NewsPet ShopYou may or may not have noticed the colourful signs stationed around two of Wynnum’s busiest video stores announcing the presence of Pets on Tingal. If you have, then no doubt you’ve also fallen in love with the wide range of furry, scaly and feathered pets that reside there. Hidden behind Blockbuster Video, Pets on Tingal retains an element of surprise and intrigue for passer-by’s who happen to stumble across it, but it seems this store is a secret everyone is in on.

As owner’s Laura and Matt daily serve a ceaseless stream of customers it appears the store benefits greatly from its unusual position, located right in the heart of Wynnum.
“We get a lot of business from the car park,” stated Matt, “people will come to get movies or pizza and see our signs and come in for a look. We also have a lot of regular customers now who will come in.”

Having looked around thoroughly for an area ‘that could use a pet shop’ the Redland’s couple finally settled upon Wynnum, judging it to be the ideal location and it seems they were right to trust their intuition. With only one other pet shop in the local area Pets on Tingal has proved a popular addition winning its place in the hearts of Wynnum residents.

Matt and Laura opened Pets on Tingal December last year largely inspired by Matt’s passion for fresh water fish. Their first time as small business owners the couple found themselves up to the challenge despite entering the business from widely differing professions. For Matt who previously worked in Real Estate and Laura who still works casually as a Physio Admin at Chandler the transition came surprisingly naturally.

Pet Shop “We’ve both been around animals all our lives” said Laura “to begin with I didn’t know much about it but Matt filled me in heaps and being here everyday you pick up a lot of things. It’s heaps of fun.”

And it certainly sounds like it, it seems there is no end to playtime where the puppies are concerned.
“The puppies always want to play, they get really excited, especially in the morning when we come in and at dinnertime. It’s hard not to get them out and play with them all the time” admits Laura.

The ‘shop mascot’ 15 month old Mojo also loves being around all the other puppies. The Maltese cross comes into work with the pair everyday and has made the store his second home.
“We just couldn’t resist him but it was nine months until we decided we would keep one” said Laura, “You do get attached, they’re beautiful, but it’s good to see them go to good homes.”
The store relies on a lot of local sources for puppies and prices are comparatively low.
Puppies currently in store include Poodles cross Silky, Maltese cross, Staffy’s and Shitzo’s. The store also houses a variety of fish, cats, mice, rats, reptiles, Guinea pigs and birds with the selection extending into rarer species such as snakes and scorpions.
Pet Shop
The familiar friendly service adds a personal touch and ensures customers are served by someone who really cares.
Specials on offer at the moment:-
Siamese fighting fish for $3.95 each
Neon Tetras- 10 for $8

Shop 3, 96 Tingal Road, Wynnum, QLD, 4178
Phone (07) 3396 3086
Fax (07) 3396 9102
Opening Times
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 10.00am - 5.30pm
Wednesday - 10.00am - 5.30pm
Thursday - 10.00am - 5.30pm
Friday - 10.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday - 10.00am - 5.00pm
Sunday - 9.00am - 12.00pm

- story by Nadia

Posted by webmaster on Tuesday, 05 December 2006 @ 21:43:30
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 Local Business: Daniel and Daniel welcome Elke

EventsElke Marino's Beauty Therapy ServicesIt was a BIG night in Manly/Wynnum Monday November 13th. Around 120 people turned out to Daniel & Daniel hairdressers to welcome Elke Marino's Beauty Therapy Services, which has just relocated to the premises of Daniel and Daniel at 80 Melville Terrace, Manly.

Everyone had his or her posh frocks and best suits on for the occasion. There was wonderful food, fun, & fine champagne. The general manager from Payot, Paris, flew in from Sydney & the State Manager from Shiseido, I.S.O. both gave speeches of support to the local organisation, praising their commitment to standard & quality in South East Queensland.

Seem's that everyone had a great time, with a few sore heads the next day!
Photo: Paul and Corallyn Daniel, and Elke Marino.
- story by DeeDee

Posted by webmaster on Saturday, 25 November 2006 @ 10:51:58
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 Local Business: Small Businesses Achieve Big Time

Business NewsCarol from Hamper MeSmall, local businesses were rewarded for large achievements at the Wynnum Heralds annual Business Achievers Awards night held October 20 at the Shangri La Gardens, Wynnum Road. Established in 1994, the Business Achiever Awards allow local communities the opportunity to recognise and reward their local businesses.

This year 360 people gathered to celebrate their successes with a night of lavish treats and stylish company. Amongst the award winners present was Carol from Wynnum-based business HamperMe, overall winner of the Specialty Retailer and Services category.
“She was ecstatic,” husband, Jason said of Carol when they were informed of their win, “it was her first time nominated and she didn’t expect to win so it was a very pleasant surprise.”

Carol began HamperMe three years ago and has since been providing quality and affordable gift hampers nationwide. Finding a balance between bringing up a family and single-handedly running a full-scale business is not an easy task, but Carol successfully does just that. Best of all she loves it. It is fun, rewarding, and allows her to get creative with the many combinations, decorations and designs.
- story by Nadia

Posted by webmaster on Wednesday, 15 November 2006 @ 07:29:16
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 Local Business: HamperMe for Every Occasion!

Business NewsHamper Me Gifts - Wynnum Manly The HamperMe gift range covers each and every occasion with a wide selection of goods ranging from gourmet, sweets, alcohol and flowers to baby gifts and body products for both men and women, so you’re sure to find the perfect thing for that special someone.

Local businesswomen and stay-at-home mum Carol began her celebrated business, ‘HamperMe’ in 2003. Since then she has been providing quality and affordable gift hampers nationwide, brightening each occasion with a tailored bundle of joy and easing the pain of parcel picking.
From a small beginning this local gift hamper business has flourished and grown to online orders and overseas/global status. Though gift receivers are usually located in the Brisbane area or nationally, clients are global. Orders are taken from all over the world from Australia, to places as far as Tokyo and the UK.
Carol of Wynnum single-handedly runs this full-scale business, successfully sourcing products, taking bookings, updating the Hamper Me website, gift wrapping and more.
“It’s a full time job” Carol says of her work, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. With her husband on shift work, Carol has found running ‘HamperMe’ to be the perfect job that allows Carol to find balance between business and motherhood. Best of all she loves it. It is fun, rewarding, and allows her to get creative with the many combinations, decorations and designs.

“I try to source affordable, quality products that are Australian owned and made as I believe it’s important to support the local industries. If we make the product why buy it overseas? Keep your own workers in jobs”
Hamper Me Brisbane Queensland

One of Carol's latest and most successful products in at the moment is the “Baby Buds Bouquet”, a cute and innovative new gift hamper of uniquely Australian design. The hamper consists of baby hats, singlets and socks wrapped up in a bouquet for mum. As an extra feature this bouquet includes Message Leaves which are wrapped around each item of clothing. Printed on each leaf is a warm message for the new parents.
New born baby hampers frequently prove themselves ‘best sellers’ followed closely by an extravagant ‘chocolate and sweet things’ selection. In particular “Death by Chocolate” which sells at least once a week. The ‘Wine and Nibbles’ are also popular favourites.
“The food industry, like the fashion industry is seasonal,” states Carol, therefore the product range changes every year. By staying in touch with the newest innovations Carol ensures that her hamper combinations remain fresh and up to date with the latest goods.
Each gift is individually hand assembled and beautifully presented in baskets or glossy gift-boxes wrapped in cello with matching ribbons, hand-made bows and personalised gift-cards. Corporate gift hampers are available and hampers can be tailored to suit the needs or budget of a customer so get your orders in now! Call Carol on (07) 390 11420 or order online and check out her latest gift range at www.hamperme.com.au.

Delivery to the Brisbane, Metro and CBD areas is made through Courier in an air conditioned vehicle to keep the products fresh. Longer distances are covered by Courier Please and Australia Post. As a special incentive for locals, delivery is free to anywhere between the Wakerly and Lytton/Hemmant areas. This can save up to $10 in delivery fees!
- story by nadia

Posted by webmaster on Monday, 17 July 2006 @ 21:17:08
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 Local Business: Boost for Art in Wynnum Manly Region

Community InfoSteve Holliday created Art Lovers a brand new,totally dedicated art supply store right in Wynnum’s CBD. Art Loves is a supplier to the local artist, beginners to professionals in Watercolours, Oils, Acrylics, Pastels, Graphite.

Art Lovers can help you decide which tutor would suit you best in any medium.
Adult watercolour evening classes available. Young adults Saturday classes in graphite and watercolours starting soon. Contact Steve for details Ph. 3393-6455 Mob. 0427 220 153
Art Lovers

- story by DeeDee

Posted by webmaster on Friday, 14 April 2006 @ 17:54:24
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 Local Business: Get into the Irish Spirit at the Celtic Corner this Friday

Business NewsThe Celtic Corner Bar - Manly Harbour VillageWith Saint Patrick’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to don your green gear and celebrate the Irish way. The Celtic Corner Bar and Bistro, 45 Cambridge Parade Manly, will be alive with the Irish spirit this Friday 17th March, featuring festive decorations and live, traditional Celtic music from 5pm onwards.

The perfect place to immerse yourself in Celtic culture this scene reflects an era that still exists in areas of Brittain and France. Its distinctive adornment creates an ideally traditional atmosphere. Unique artefacts, accumulated from all over the world are a trademark of its walls, bringing to life an age long gone. Undeniable appeal stems from the tin mirrors from Mexico, an old cash register from Texas and the antique phones from Bolivia. Peruvian locks and keys hang high across the windows and an old fashioned Juke Box sits snugly in a corner. Step into this bar and bistro and be transported back in time.
The Celtic Corner Bar - Manly Harbour Village

- story by nadia

Posted by webmaster on Wednesday, 15 March 2006 @ 19:57:52
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 Local Business: Star Photography

Business NewsThe studio of photographer, Julien Star, has been based in Manly, 71 Cambridge Pde, for the past 18 months, but years of experience prefaced the opening of this highly respected and quality store. Once a Photographic Concessionaire Manager for various international cruise lines, Julien Star has done his fair share of traveling and photography.

Julien Star Photography,” though a small business, has achieved huge success, having photographed such big names as Frank Sinatra and Dolly Parton. Their most recent significant shot was taken last Tuesday, at the Perth Mint. A huge honour, Julien was flown over to Perth in the company of Steve Irwin to assist in the launch of a new batch of coins. Plans for next week include a, “Bakers Delight,” promotion featuring Hayley Lewis.

Julien Star Photography With exceptional experience behind him, Julien has steadily risen in the photography industry. His repertoire includes corporate, commercial works and promotional work for big industry names, lifestyle, family portraiture and local landscape. The most popular business however, comes from weddings. With scenery as marvelous as the foreshore, and the Yacht Club just round the corner, local wedding photography is consistently in large demand, with 25 weddings booked just this week.
This has not all come easy for the Manly based photographer however. It took long years of hard work to penetrate the intensely competitive field of photography. Realizing this, Julien is a big supporter of local traineeships.
Supporting charities and schools in fundraising events is another of his most generous contributions. Money is earned by selling family portraits for $10 each, of which all proceeds made are retained by the organization. Through this process, St John Vianney’s earned an impressive $500 in one day.

As a one time offer, Julien Star Photography is providing a special studio deal. For only $60 you can receive a full studio shoot plus one 7x5 portrait all valued at $155 simply by mentioning this story on the Wynnum Manly website. But hurry as this offer ends 31st of March.

Julien Star Photography

- story by nadia

Posted by webmaster on Thursday, 02 February 2006 @ 06:13:11
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 Local Business: Free Cuts for All!

Business NewsLuppino's Hairdresser'sAre your locks lanky and too long for summer? Well here might be your solution.
“Luppino’s,” has come to Wynnum Plaza and is making sure that all know their name. Placing themselves right in the midst of rivalry, between two other established salons, this new hairdresser’s store is embracing the competition with flair.

The newest instalment of our local shopping Centre, Wynnum Plaza, it has certainly caused a stir this past week with it’s promotional undertaking. Shoppers have lined up since it first opened last Thursday morning to receive the free hair cuts that are currently on offer until Wednesday. That’s not all however, this generous offer will be followed by 40% off all hair colours, foils and services as well as half price cuts. This second deal will run until The 31st of January.
With full staff on to meet steady demands, it’s an encouraging start. Hairdresser, Amanda, assures that there is, “absolutely no catch,” so go check out this new store and receive a bargain for your efforts.

Pictured Left is Manager Trina and Sandy.

Wynnum Plaza Hairdresser

- story by nadia

Posted by webmaster on Tuesday, 17 January 2006 @ 02:19:07
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 Raeburn Street, Manly West - Resurfacing
 Lest we Forget
 Hive of activity by Council
 IT Skills and Historical Classes at Wynnum Library

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 Eisteddfod Music Schedule 2015
 Eisteddfod Dance Schedule 2015
 Speech and Drama Schedule 2015
 Speech and Drama results 2014
 Eisteddfod Dance Results 2014
 2013 Speech and Drama Results
 2013 Art Eisteddfod Results
 2012 Art Results
 Wynnum Central Site Redevelopment
 2012 Speech & Drama Results


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