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Life Energy Solutions

Life Energy Solutions
Contact: Reece
Phone: 07 31032820

Type: Retailer
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Life Energy Solutions began in Brisbane with the goal of encouraging the uptake and effectiveness of renewable energy in Australia. Our sun-burnt country has a wealth of renewable energy shining down on it every day that is the envy of the world. Although we as a country have begun to embrace this potential, we are still needlessly burning over 400 million tonnes of dirty and expensive coal every year. As a collective of engineers, researchers and electricians we saw the opportunity to address this problem while saving you considerable sums of money simply by using our expertise to provide advice and solutions that best match your needs. We operate on a win-win approach where the only people who lose out are the coal companies. In practice this means that if we wouldn’t buy it we won’t sell it. It also means that unless a particular technology can be empirically proven to be beneficial to the environment, society as a whole and your back pocket, we will not promote it.