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New species of 'walking' sharks discovered in Australia
Walking sharks sounds like something you'd see in a preview for Sharknado 8: Nowhere Is Safe, but it's apparently a totally real thing, and researchers have discovered a handful of species in recent years that have seemingly evolved the ability. Scientists...

Four T''gana girls from modest background to study in Australia
Hyderabad, July 10 (IANS) Hailing from remote parts of Telangana and belonging to economically backward families, they have never even visited other states or cities in the country, but now they will be leaving for a foreign land all on their own. The four girl...

Stepdad of Peter Falconio's girlfriend 'convinced' that man behind bars is innocent
The stepfather of Peter Falconio's girlfriend has said he is convinced that the man convicted of killing the 28-year-old from Huddersfield is innocent. In 2001, Peter and his girlfriend Joanne Lees, then 27, were travelling through the Australian outback but the...

Weddings take another strike, but love nevertheless wins
“Although we've got a 10-day window following lockdown, I am still emphasizing my marriage on five individuals,” that 31-year old Melburnian states. “This usually means a little celebration with individuals seeing via Zoom whenever they wish to, along with a...

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