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'Baarack' the Sheep Loses 78-Pound Fleece After Years in Australian Bush
Edgar's Mission told Storyful that Baarack was “doing so well” and accustoming to life at the shelter. “We truly believe that he understands what we have done for him has eased his life and turned...

Aged Care Commission: Why Cairns providers are under pressure
Aged care operators apologised for “harm'' to elderly Australians in nursing homes as a Royal Commission recommended pay rises and extra staff in a bombshell report handed to the Governor-General yesterday. Natasha Bita and PETE MARTINELLI.

A new body has taken oversight of the Maroochydore CBD following a major developer appointment
Sunshine Coast councillors, minus Mayor Mark Jamieson who was absent attending other duties, voted unanimously to dissolve the existing Shareholder Representative Group and create a new Strategic Review Group for the $430 million CBD. Councillors...

Australia pumped out an extra six months' worth of emissions than previously recorded
The revised emissions data reflects better understanding of the role highly potent methane gas plays in global warming. Emissions from a steelworks. Australia's emissions for the past 20 years have jumped 272.5m tonnes under revised estimates.

On your own on Christmas Day?

reindeerChristmas Day Lunch

Will you be on your own on Christmas Day? If so you are invited to a Christmas Day lunch (including Christmas pudding).
This is an annual event, organised by Bayside Uniting Church, 420 Wondall Rd, Manly West, for the Bayside community. Doors open at 11.30 am for 12 noon lunch.

There is no charge, but any voluntary donations offered will be accepted.

RSVP by noon Monday 18 December, to Bayside Uniting Church office, phone 3890 2392, with your name, address and phone number and whether you require transport.


28 Feb 2021;
02:30PM - 04:00PM
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