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Traffic chaos after police incident blocks Clem 7 tunnel
POLICE are negotiating with a knife-wielding man who had jumped on the roof of the Clem 7 Brisbane tunnel - causing traffic chaos for peak-hour commuters in Brisbane's inner-east this morning. The man has reportedly moved off the roof and is now inside...

Treasurer insists watchdog has enough cash
Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has rejected the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority's argument that it doesn't have enough funding to do it's job properly. An independent review found the financial watchdog was too secretive, unwilling to challenge itself...

Woman killed by bus at pedestrian crossing in Melbourne's north-west
A woman has been hit and killed by a bus while crossing the road at pedestrian lights in Melbourne's north-west. It is believed the woman was crossing at the lights at Mickleham Road, Tullamarine, near the entry ramp to the Tullamarine Freeway, when she...

Stonefish in Moreton Bay

stonefish ianbanksLocals have reported seeing hundreds of stonefish in Moreton Bay, Tingalpa Creek and Wynnum Creek in recent days. Wynnum Manly fisherman are saying they have never seen that many so close to the shore in our area. Parents should keep a watchful eye for this dangerous creature, beachgoers should wear shoes in shallow bay waters. If a person is stung, they are advised to seek medical treatment immediately.

The stonefish has 13 sharp strong dorsal fin spines that are contained within a sheath of thick skin. At the base of each spine there are two venom glands that discharge their contents along ducts in the spine. When disturbed, the fish erects its spines, but maintains its position on the sea floor.

Information from the Queensland Museum